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New York City Kitchen Cabinets

By Danielle Miller

14 December 2015 3minutes

Kitchen Cabinet Prices—Comparing to Save Money

August 8, 2012

Depending on the type of material, amount of material needed and where you purchase your cabinets, the price of kitchen cabinets can vary several hundred dollars or more. This is why taking the time to shop around and compare prices of different kitchen cabinets will give you the best and most affordable estimates with which you can use to begin creating a budget for your kitchen renovation project.

Pre-constructed stock cabinets are usually the most economical because they do not require any modification and can be installed immediately. Cabinets referred to as “semi-customized” have a few options from which you can choose, such as handle styles, and are usually about the twice the cost of stock cabinets. Of course, the most expensive cabinets are customized cabinets, which allow you to practically create your kitchen cabinets from scratch. With customized cabinets you can choose the size, design, color and material of the cabinets as well as any other aspect you wish to specify. Although they are definitely more costly, many people planning a complete kitchen renovation decide to purchase customized cabinets because they know they will be using these cabinets for a long time and want to be fully satisfied with the finished product.

The majority of more expensive kitchen cabinets are made from some kind of wood, usually oak, cherry, maple, walnut or mahogany. Other types of kitchen cabinet materials include:

Metal kitchen cabinets—durable and affordable, metal cabinets represent an alternative to the traditional wood used in making most kitchen cabinets. While they provide a unique appearance that may be just what you are looking for in your remodeled kitchen, metal cabinets are more vulnerable to dents than wood cabinets and may not conceal dirt as well as dark wood cabinets.
Thermofoil kitchen cabinets—created by layering cabinets with vinyl using heat infusion, thermofoil gives the appearance of painted cabinets without the imperfections of drippings or noticeable brush strokes. Thermofoil material is moisture resistant, easy to wipe clean and affordable. Possible problems with thermofoil kitchen cabinets include blistering and peeling of the material due to moisture getting under the surface of the coating, which may result extra expenditures.
Melamine kitchen cabinets—as the least expensive of kitchen cabinet materials, melamine is a combination of synthetic and wood veneer that is resistance to all kinds of damage. Melamine is resin that has been attached to particle board or another type of pressed wood to give the appearance of a real wood surface. In addition, melamine cabinets can be painted any color using paint especially made for use on melamine products.

Statistics provided by the home remodeling industry reveals that kitchen cabinets (on average) comprise nearly half of the cost of most kitchen renovation projects. For example, if the estimate of your remodeling project is $20, 000, you will probably be spending around $9000 to $11,000 for your kitchen cabinets, depending the the material and how many units you need in your kitchen.

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