NYC Kitchen Appliances

By Tiffany Smolick


Is Stainless Steel Out

March 6, 2013

For several decades now, stainless steel has enjoyed being one of the most popular appliance finishes due to it being easy to clean, shiny and durable. Recently, Whirlpool unveiled a new type of stainless steel called “White Ice” that offers a glossy, glassy sheen similar to the elegant European appliances sporting frosted, glass fronts and creamy white colors.

While industry insiders are somewhat skeptical about White Ice appliances dethroning the kingly status of stainless steel, they are suggesting that Whirlpool’s “Black Ice” finish may do just that. Black is trending as popular kitchen color this year and with “Black Ice” finishes now decorating ranges, refrigerators and microwave ovens, professional home renovators are wondering is stainless steel appliances will soon be considered “retro”.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Appliances
Before you decide to attack stainless steel like the media attacks B-grade celebrities, consider the advantages of owning a stainless steel appliance:
Affordable and long-lasting
Stains and spills easily wipe off with a damp cloth
Resistant to discoloration, corrosion and fires
Hygienic surface repels germs and does not need strong chemicals to clean it

The primary problem with traditional stainless steel is that it readily shows smudges and fingerprints. If you are someone who wants everything looking spic-and-span in your kitchen, you might find that you spend 15 minutes out of every hour in the kitchen devoted to wiping smudges off stainless steel (especially if children are in the home).

Benefits of “White Ice” Appliances
Two outstanding benefits of “White Ice” appliances: easier to keep clean and smudge free; and white as a color used in decoration will never be considered “out of style” or boring. Although Whirlpool’s new material does not incorporate the same ingredients used to make traditional stainless steel, its stylish, sophisticated, ultra-modern look is dazzling industry kitchen designers as well as people interested in renovating their kitchen.

Deciding if you want to purchase stainless steel or White Ice appliances for your new kitchen actually depends on your kitchen design, with stainless steel appliances blending better in kitchens incorporating softer, similar hues. Since White Ice appliances currently come in white or black, professional designers suggest installing them in kitchens with bold, contrasting colors, faux wood tiling and undercounter LED lighting fixtures. Alternately, stainless steel refrigerators and ranges appear dazzling when paired with distressed, weathered cabinetry and old-fashioned, chandelier-like illumination.