NYC Kitchen Cabinet Choices

By Danielle Miller

14 December 2015 3minutes

Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Choices

February 13, 2013

Installing new kitchen cabinets may be necessary if your existing cabinets have not evolved with other kitchen makeovers and look out of place or obsolete. Although painting or restaining cabinets is an option, the condition of the cabinets might not justify taking the time to refinish them, especially when you can never be sure of how certain refinishing techniques may appear on old cabinetry.

Custom Cabinets
Custom kitchen cabinets are made exactly how you want them made, down to the materials, style, accessories and colors. Many people who decide to renovate their kitchen choose custom-made cabinets because they provide the kind of storage system that accommodates your storage needs. By applying certain size and shape specifications to your custom cabinets, you can control what kitchens items can be stored in what location and how quickly you are able to access them.

Other benefits of remodeling your kitchen with custom cabinets include:
Satisfaction is guaranteed because cabinets are made according to your specifications
Cabinets can be coordinated with the décor and style of adjoining rooms
Custom cabinets allow homeowners to optimally utilize the existing space in a kitchen
Your cabinets will be unique to your home and not found in anyone else’s kitchen
Custom cabinets are designed and well-crafted by experienced technicians using superior materials of your choice

Semi-Custom Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets deemed “semi-custom” are cabinets that have been made by a manufacturer but have been modified according to a homeowner’s request. For example, you might see a set of cabinets in a catalog that you like but would prefer to have different handles on them instead of the ones shown in the catalog. Having the manufacturer change the handles before they are delivered makes them semi-custom cabinets.

Stock Cabinets
Stock cabinets are the least expensive of the three main types of kitchen cabinets and are created using predetermined specifications by the manufacturer. Most stock cabinets offer widths starting at around nine inches and will then offer increases of three inches up to 48 inches. To accommodate kitchen cabinet sizes that do not fall into the incremental three inches, installers usually place filler strips to fill gaps between walls, appliances and the cabinets.

Depending on how quickly you would like your kitchen renovation to proceed, stock cabinets are generally delivered within several days, whereas custom or semi-custom cabinets may take several weeks before they are shipped and delivered. However, you are limited to choice of cabinet sizes with stock cabinets and may lose some kitchen space if extra filler strips are needed to conceal empty space.