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NYC Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades

By Danielle Miller

14 December 2015 3minutes

What is the Best Way to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets?

June 27, 2013

For kitchen cabinets that are in good shape and function well to accommodate your needs, NYC home remodeling contractors can upgrade them by painting, applying stain if the cabinets are made of wood or refacing them by simply taking off the old front doors and installing new doors. You could also have contractors replace kitchen cabinet hardware such as handles and hinges with distinctively styled brass, pewter or gold hardware that gives your kitchen a completely new ambiance without committing to a total renovation project. However, you should be aware that, for the most part, the biggest expense of a kitchen remodeling project generally centers on the drawer fronts and cabinet doors.

According to the former National Kitchen and Bath Association’s president Jeff Cannata, nearly 75 percent of the expense involved with installing new kitchen cabinets are the doors. He suggests that it might be wiser and more beneficial to the overall, return of investment (ROI) of the project to replace all of your kitchen cabinets with new, customized cabinets.

By ordering custom-made cabinets, you will essentially be the creator and designer of your kitchen cabinets. You will get to pick out the type of material, color, shape, size and all other specifics involved in constructing cabinets instead of being restricted to cabinets that are already pre-made and cataloged. In addition, custom cabinets are individually made by craftsmen who use only the best materials and methods. In contrasting the differences between custom-made cabinets and “stock” or pre-made cabinets, you will generally find that custom cabinetry uses plywood components; doweled or dovetailed joints; and drawer slides enhanced with concealed undermounts. Alternately, stock cabinets are constructed with particle board, have joints that are screwed, glued or nailed and exhibit plastic corners that are stapled.

Semi-custom cabinets are a step below customized cabinets and offer the benefit of having cabinets made to fit certain size requirements. However, they are produced by manufacturers incrementally, meaning that the manufacturer takes a stock cabinet and essentially “reinvents” the cabinet to fit the customer’s kitchen. This can involve adding spacers, replacing handles and performing other, minor alterations that do not deviate much from the original design of the cabinet.

Many people who chose to upgrade their kitchen cabinets with custom-made cabinets say that the slightly higher cost of custom cabinets is worth the price for receiving beautifully constructed, long-lasting cabinets that are unique in design and exactly what they have always wanted. Cabinet options that are available to NYC residents interested in a kitchen renovation are both exciting and sometimes overwhelming, with different types of wood, styles of hardware and size considerations needing to be decided on before craftsmen can begin constructing them. For assistance in selecting your custom-made cabinets, call MyHome today to speak to an experienced home remodeling designer and start making that dream kitchen you have always wanted a reality.