NYC Master Bathroom Remodeling

By Tiffany Smolick


Master Bathroom Remodeling

October 17, 2012

In this day and age, many homeowners want to create a home for themselves that feels like a sanctuary. We are always running, always moving, and always connected. There is no better time than today to create a home that is your own private paradise.

One step that many homeowners are taking to bring a little bit of luxury into their homes is a master bathroom remodel. Unlike other bathrooms in the house, guests do not use the master bathroom. Since the master bathroom is a place that only the homeowners use, there is a real opportunity to make it luxurious and to make it their own.

If you are inspired to remodel your master bathroom, you should first consider what you would like the overall style of the room to be. Many people who are preparing for a major home improvement project will scour websites, magazines, and design books for inspiration. Pulling images of what you like and showing them to a designer can begin the conversation of what you will move to accomplish in your own master bathroom remodeling.

Once a style for the bathroom remodel has been selected, a floor plan must be drawn up. Although you may be able to draw up a floor plan yourself, this is an area where hiring a professional might be a very good idea. A designer will work with you to understand what the future use of the room will be, how many people will be using it, how frequently it will be used, and for what purposes it will be used. They will also evaluate the existing features in the bathroom and will look at what should be replaced.

With consideration of the layout, there are several elements that will be looked at. For example, with the shower or bath, current trends in master baths include wall-mounted showers, hand-held showers, rain bars, body sprays and steam showers. Again, it is all about bringing luxury into the home. Gone are the giant tubs that once characterized master bathrooms – today’s master baths are more like spas.

A remodel will also likely involve the installation of one or more sinks. When first considering a remodel, many couples prefer two sinks, allowing for one sink per partner. However, a solution to the two sink issue is simply more counter space. As long as there is ample space for both people to keep their belongings, two sinks is not always necessary.

Since many of today’s master bathroom renovations are all about infusing the home with luxury, the finishing touches on the bathroom should also be luxurious. Some features that are trendy right now in master bathrooms include heated floors, heated drawers to warm towels, and even fireplaces. The current feeling about the master bathroom is that it should be a place that the homeowner may escape to, and therefore, comfort, tranquility, and luxury are the top elements defining such bathroom remodels today.