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7 Tips to Start Planning Your NYC Kitchen Renovation

By Tiffany Smolick


January 7, 2023

Kitchen remodeling can add a great deal of value to the home, and it can also make your life a lot easier! Kitchen remodels have the potential to totally change the way you operate in the kitchen, making the kitchen a more productive, more useful, and more enjoyable space for all. Whether you know what you want or you’re still thinking it through, kitchen renovation tips will help you start planning your kitchen renovation in NYC.

5 Tips to Start Planning Your NYC Kitchen Renovation

Tip #1: Set a Budget and Goals

The most exciting thing about redesigning the kitchen is the new look it’s going to have. It’s likely the first thing you’ll do is start to pull pictures from magazines and the internet of what you hope the kitchen will look like post-remodel.

Since having an understanding of what it should cost to remodel your kitchen and creating a vision of what you want your newly remodeled kitchen to look like go hand in hand, it should come as no surprise that tip #1 is setting your budget and goals. Here are some questions to answer to help you:

  • How do you currently use the space in your kitchen?
  • Are there things you like or don’t like?
  • What changes would accomplish all your needs and some of your wants?

Answering these questions will help focus your motivation for renovating.

5 Tips to Start Planning Your NYC Kitchen Renovation

5 Tips to Start Planning Your NYC Kitchen Renovation

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Tip #2: See the Big Picture

While having an idea of what you want the kitchen to look like is absolutely a good idea, you also need to remember how this new space will fit into the existing home. For example, designing an ultra-modern kitchen in a traditional home may not be the right fit unless you’re planning on remodeling the rest of the house too. If you don’t know what it typically costs to renovate a kitchen in New York City, check out this detailed article about kitchen renovation costs.

Get a rough idea of the style and look that you want to implement into your project. Then, head to our showroom or book a consultation to find out how much it will cost. At MyHome, we offer a no-obligation, no-hassle design consultation and estimate to help you assess the current condition of your space and understand what it will take to transform it into your new kitchen.

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Tip #3: Visit a Kitchen Showroom

As you walk through a kitchen showroom, take the opportunity to physically feel the materials and consider the type of lifestyle elements you need for your new kitchen. It’s also a great time to consider if the materials will be easy to clean and as durable as you need them to be. For example, some floor and countertop materials require more upkeep than others. If you’re a busy family with youngsters, you may want a more durable and easier-to-maintain material.

5 Tips to Start Planning Your NYC Kitchen Renovation

Another benefit to visiting a showroom is meeting with a knowledgeable designer. They have valuable insight into the current trends and new technologies in kitchen remodeling. Plus, they can let you know of special discounts on products or other money-saving tips to reduce renovation costs.

5 Tips to Start Planning Your NYC Kitchen Renovation

Tip #4: Be a Confident Decision Maker

We all want our remodel to move forward with as few problems as possible. To ensure that’s the case, make as many decisions about your project before the work actually starts. MyHome’s project manager Nick Zalli says, “Most of the problems are usually connected to choices about small things such as kitchen faucet selection, paint, or trim choice.”

These decisions may seem small and unimportant when you start your project, but when your faucet is two weeks late because of shipping, your plumber will have to be rescheduled. And if the dishwasher door blocks access to your cabinet hardware when it’s installed, you’ll see how something as small as a faucet can balloon into a week delay on a four-week project.

Issues like these cannot always be controlled or prevented, however, when you make confident decisions in the beginning about what you want for your kitchen it’s easier to circumvent such problems before they arise.

5 Tips to Start Planning Your NYC Kitchen Renovation

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Tip #5: Beware of Buying Your Own Materials

When you purchase your own materials and things go wrong on a project, you lose money and time. Homeowners buying their own materials should beware of shipping, storing, measuring, and matching materials. If you’re off by even an inch, the project can end up with big delays.

Buying your own materials may seem like an obvious means to save you money. However, many homeowners don’t realize the many complications that can occur when doing the simplest of projects. Any money saved can be quickly eaten up if you have to pay for additional labor or need to purchase additional materials due to an error in ordering or measuring.

5 Tips to Start Planning Your NYC Kitchen Renovation

5 Tips to Start Planning Your NYC Kitchen Renovation

Tip #6: Create a Contingency Fund

You should set aside 5% of your original budget for a contingency budget for some or all of the “what if’s” that may occur during your project. But be warned, don’t succumb to temptations to consume your contingency to stretch your budget. If you make every decision ahead of time and work with a reputable contractor, you can almost certainly get away with a 5% contingency budget.

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Tip #7: Get Started Early

When doing a renovation project in New York City, one of the most common obstacles that catch owners off guard are the various approvals and the time needed before a project can start. With the exception of private houses and some small brownstone buildings, the first step is to get your renovation project reviewed and approved by the buildings owners association. This process is usually overseen by the buildings management company and they present the information to the board as a packet once all of the required documentation is collected.

On average, most project approvals take between 2 and 4 weeks once the board receives the package and assuming no permits are required. If permits are required, final approval is issued after permits are obtained.

Many companies charge you for the initial consultation. At MyHome, we see this as the beginning of our relationship. Whether you know what you want or you’re still thinking it through, our Remodeling Consultants will meet with you in your apartment or at our showroom and talk you through the process. Plus, we can handle the approval and permitting process to make this process easier for you.

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Whether you visit a showroom or invite a contractor over for a no-obligation no-hassle consultation, you’ll be happy you reached out to the pros.

. . .

We hope you found this bit of information helpful, inspiring, and motivating toward renovating your kitchen.