NYC Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

September 14, 2011

For the cook, the entertainer, and the homemaker in each of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Due to the layout of many New York City living spaces, this is even truer often, the kitchen is quite literally the center of the home. And with small spaces and often a lack of a true dining room, the kitchen is also the epicenter of any dinner party or gathering. For many homeowners in the city, a kitchen redesign is one of the first steps in customizing the home to fit their specific needs. After all, the kitchen is your space. Is yours all it could be?

A well designed, or redesigned, kitchen will be created with attention to two major factors in mind: storage, and ease of motion. You need to be able to move around in your kitchen, and you need to be able to store all of your food, spices, cookware and dinnerware. Therein of utmost importance in any kitchen redesign is the installation of new and functional cabinetry layout design.

To begin to plan your successful redesign, it’s important to first be familiar with the most common layout types for cabinets: galley kitchen cabinet layouts, U shaped kitchen cabinet layouts, L shaped kitchen cabinet layouts, and island kitchen cabinet layouts.

The galley kitchen cabinet layout is characterized by two rows of cabinets, which face one another. This is an efficient layout and is the top choice for many professional chefs. Two rows of cabinets allow for ease of motion and also facilitate easy access to meal preparation areas such as countertops. However, the functionality of a galley kitchen is dependent upon the width of the actual room. Too small a corridor between the cabinets may lead to a cramped feeling within the kitchen.
U shaped kitchen cabinet layouts make use of the three walls of a kitchen, offering a large deal of workspace with regard to countertops as well as storage space with regard to cabinetry. However, homeowners who choose a U shaped kitchen cabinet layout should pay special attention to the placement of large appliances so as not to cramp the chef.
L shaped kitchen cabinet layouts is, by many accounts, the most common layout in kitchens in the United States. L shaped cabinets offer a wide open space in the middle of the room and therefore offer easy access to all workstations and major appliances. L shaped kitchen cabinet layouts are considered open and casual.
Finally, island kitchen cabinet layouts are also an option when planning a kitchen redesign. Island kitchen cabinets reside in the center of the space and offer the chef the opportunity to see and have access to the entire room from his or her workspace. Island kitchen cabinetry is also promoted for Feng Shui living.