Just Say No: Kitchen Trends On The Way Out

By Tiffany Smolick


It happens to us all – we see a new and trendy home design idea on Pinterest, Instagram, or a magazine and we just have to try it out. Unfortunately, sometimes the novelty wears off. MyHome Interior Designer Esther Trattner curated a helpful list of kitchen elements to get rid so you can love your kitchen long after trends change.

No Knobs, No More

Cabinet doors without knobs have been popular in ultra-modern kitchens with flat, often glossy slab doors. The problem is doors on a push-latch get covered in fingerprints, food residue and cleaning products. Dirt is extremely noticeable, especially on glossy cabinets. The extra cleaning needed to keep the doors looking like new can damage the finish. More practical options include low-profile edge pulls or chamfered door edges.

kitchen cabinet
Helpful Tip: Use small knobs the same color as your cabinet if you still want the seamless look.

Get Rid Of Blue Cabinetry

Unless you have always wanted blue cabinets, this trendy choice is probably best avoided. Blue cabinetry has been everywhere since 2020, but designers are already shifting to green, off-white, matte white, black and wood finishes. Cabinets are the most expensive part of your kitchen, so choosing timeless finishes is a better long-term investment.

88 Bleeker Street Kitchen5
Helpful Tip: Matte black is a timeless color option.

Say Good-Bye to Sink Skirts

One “cottage-core” kitchen trend on a quick decline in popularity are sink skirts. These little curtains are easily creased and require frequent washing, bleaching, and ironing to keep them looking decent. Furthermore, curious pets and children easily damage the curtains or can gain access to all manner of things stored under the sink. Cabinet doors are simply a better -and safer- option.

Forego Flip-up Doors

Flip-up doors seem like a nice change from traditional side-hinged doors or open shelving. However, the oversized flip-up mechanism needed for these doors can eat up precious room inside the cabinet. They can also malfunction and may be expensive to replace. Finally, flip up doors in cabinets above microwaves and pantries may be easy to open with a tap, but they’re a lot harder to close when the open door is nearly touching the ceiling!

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