NYC Concrete Kitchen Countertops

By Tiffany Smolick


Kitchen Countertop Styles and Materials

March 7, 2012

Currently, the most popular and fashionable material used for kitchen countertops is granite. As an affordable, natural stone substance with which to construct beautiful, polished countertops, granite is available in a rainbow of colors complimenting any type of existing kitchen wallpaper or wall color. MyHome offers a stunning variety of corals, greens, blacks, beiges and whites as well as the choice to implement a polished or matte finish. Additionally, each granite slab is different from all the others, incorporating variations of spotting, veining, texture and fissures that lend an almost artistic quality to any granite countertop.

Concrete Countertops
With the ability to customize concrete countertops, customers are opting to install new kitchen countertops made with concrete. Pigmentation affects can be used to produce any color or design feature in a slab of concrete, along with finishes that include smooth, pressed, or ground (sanded). Minimal maintenance is required to keep concrete countertops looking new. Periodic sealing with a special coating that prevents discoloring or curling should be implemented, along with a good waxing every three or four months.

Wood Countertops
Butcher block-style countertops are popular in traditional kitchens featuring naturally warm, rustic decor. Easily cleaned and repaired by simply using sandpaper to eliminate scratches or small nicks, wood countertops are also available in the following wood types:

Choosing to install a wood kitchen countertop also allows you the opportunity to select from a variety of beautiful grains, such as edge grains, flat grains or end grains. Different species of wood also affords an impressive option of checkerboard patterns, stripes, inlays and other designs unique to that type of wood. Additionally, staining a wood countertop will provide just the right shade of brown, tan or beige to delightfully compliment your kitchen.

Marble Countertops
Marble is not only extremely durable and low-maintenance but also enhances kitchens with a certain polished appearance reminiscent of European old-world elegance. With its ability to produce fascinating swirls and veins of naturally glowing colors, marble is still a favorite with many people choosing to implement extensive kitchen renovation projects and give their home a totally new look.