Basements Just Want to Have Fun

By Tiffany Smolick


So. You buy a house. You’ve remodeled or have thought about remodeling all the rooms. You have big plans for them, these other rooms, and this makes you happy and excited.

Your home improvements are going full steam ahead – until you reach the basement.

Now what?

There are few things sadder than an unfinished basement. And when your basement is sad, you’re sad. And when you’re sad, life is just yucky. Don’t have a yucky life. Include your wayward room in your renovation plans and add YEARS to your lifespan at the same time!

Some ideas for your fun, new basement include:

Exercise room

Does the thought of going to a gym make your tummy hurt? I get it. You’ve worked all day. You’re tired. Add some sports equipment to your basement and fitness is just a small flight of stairs away.


Urban Sanctuary

Life getting on your nerves? Fill your basement up with all things zen (ie: a small babbling fountain, fuzzy rugs, bamboo floors, chimes, library, big fluffy seating, etc) and create a home retreat so relaxing, Deepak Chopra would ask to book it for a weekend.


Party/Misc. Room

Is the sports fanatic in your life taking up all the TV time with round-the-clock ESPN Sports marathons? Are the kids and their friends always leaving empty cups and cheese puff crumbs all over the place? Is it your turn to host the Ryan Gosling Fan Club this month? Your basement has the necessary space to handle all these pressing issues. Your sanity will thank you for it.


Storage Room

Are the other rooms driving you crazy with clutter? Let your basement help relieve the stress! By adding shelving, closets and other storage units you can declutter the upstairs while keeping all your precious items safe, sound and away from the family cat, downstairs. Keeping everything organized will make it easier to find later.


Whatever your personality or the layout of your basement. Just let your imagination run wild.

If you are ready to renovate and make your old, tired basement in New York City into a fun basement, then you can easily schedule a free consultation with us here!