NYC Small Bathroom Ideas

By Tiffany Smolick


Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

December 5, 2012

Older homes and New York City apartments tend to have small bathrooms that are hard to decorate without making the room appear cluttered or even smaller than it original size. Thanks to professional decorators who know how color, shape and design can create an illusion of space in small bathroom, there are some tricks you can use to artfully expand your bathroom during the renovation process.

Walls painted dark, rich colors appear to recede in small bathrooms, especially when enhanced with medium-sized, square or oval frameless mirrors placed strategically above commodes.
If your bathroom contains closets, consider eliminating them and installing ambient lighting in their place. Recessed storage closets will provide more actual room as well.
Vanities exhibiting curved fronts not only accentuate the sink area but also maximize any space adjacent to the vanity. Under-sink storage also reduces clutter that can make a small bathroom appear uninvitingly cramped.
For bathrooms that cannot be renovated due to other rooms restricting the available space, try installing white tile (marble is best) and mirrored walls. To vertically enhance a small bathroom, install ceiling to floor cabinets and create a sense of balance by decorating with dark wood-hued furnishings.
Create the illusion of space by establishing a focal point in the bathroom, such as a patina-countered vanity finished with a cast-iron or bronze basin. Hang a large mirror above the vanity illuminated with recessed lighting fixtures.
Extra small bathrooms benefit from wall-hung toilets that have tanks concealed inside a stud wall. Add a skylight and a translucent glass shower door to substantially reduce visual barriers while allowing natural light to flood the bathroom.
Enhance the illusion of perpendicular space by placing a ladder-style towel rack, a bamboo mirror and a freestanding bathroom vanity complete with elongated, gold fixtures. Accentuate soft colors with dark, wood shades to fashion a sense of visual balance and interest.
Rugs with vertical lines and designs can make the floor seem more extended than normal, especially when these kinds of rugs are reflected in frameless mirrors or placed around pedestal sinks.
Remember to keep light fixtures and sconces as small as possible without looking stunted. Anything that projects more than four or five inches from the wall will reduce the perception of spaciousness in a petite-sized bathroom.
If you have an awkwardly shaped bathroom, consider a space-saving, or corner basin that fits snugly into one corner of your bathroom.

One great advantage NYC apartment owners have when renovating small bathrooms is the fact that there is not as much space to redecorate. Consequently, you can indulge in items that are more expensive and not worry about going over a pre-determined budget.
Consider a space-saving basin.