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Celebrity Homes NYC: Cameron Diaz

By Tiffany Smolick


You know you want to take a peak into celebrity homes NYC. So come along with us to Chelsea, Manhattan for another drool worthy NYC celebrity apartment tour.

Celebrity Homes NYC: Cameron Diaz

When you’re a multi-million dollar Hollywood star, you need your home to live up to your reputation. Our latest NYC celebrity apartment tour looks at Cameron Diaz’s home, which is definitely living up to Hollywood star status.

Cameron Diaz has done just that with her $9 million apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. The 2,400 square foot apartment has an expanse of remodeled space that now reflects Cameron Diaz’s personality.

The trends you’ll see in her NYC celebrity home are bold statement pieces, brass accents to reflect her love of everything shiny and the warmth of her personality, and comforts to make the apartment “homey.”

The Cozy Kitchen

NYC celebrity home Cameron Diaz kitchen


Though it looks drastically different from the bright open space of the rest of the apartment, Cameron’s kitchen still shares some of the detailing that ties the whole place together, such as the brass backsplash and countertops.

The black floors and dark green cabinetry bring a cozy warmth to the kitchen and a rustic appeal to the design. The shiny brass counters paired with the modern light fixture make this more than your grandmother’s country kitchen. The gas range and expanse of cabinet space make Cameron’s kitchen usable, fitting since it’s her favorite day-time room of her house.

The Master Bedroom

NYC celebrity homes bedroom


With light colored accessories and silk linens on the bed, the master bedroom has a wonderful “airy” feel to it. When daylight shines through the large windows the whole room lights up. The gilded paper on the ceiling and the dark cabinetry give the room a warmth at night suitable for a luxuriant evening of relaxation.

Guest Bathroom

NYC celebrity home tour cameron diaz bathroom


As we continue our NYC celebrity apartment tour; we take a look at Cameron’s guest bathroom. The guest bathroom is a spa-like room with pink onyx walls and countertops that are rose petal-soft to the touch. The overlay on the shower doors and the brass hardware affixed to the walls and lining the sink tie in with the tone of the rest of the apartment.

Dining Room

NYC celebrity apartment tour cameron diaz (via)

The dining room is often considered the heart of the house with the number of people who gather there and enjoy food and conversation with one another. If Cameron’s dining room reflects her true heart, then her heart is sexy, eclectic, and beautiful. The dark wood floors and parchment-brass table are flashy, modern, and comfortable all at the same time.

With all the details together, the dining room has achieved a sense of lived-in sincerity that isn’t often the case with celebrity abodes. You can picture Cameron enjoying a cup of coffee in an armchair beneath the 1960s chandelier.


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