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How To Use Grout Color to Accent the Design in Your NYC Apartment

By Tiffany Smolick


Grout color is the hidden feature that actually brings about the finishing touch of every  kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. It’s a design element that requires careful consideration based on what aesthetic you are aiming for with your space. Because this design step tends to be overlooked in the planning stages, many people wonder how to choose a grout color. Below are three common approaches to take when styling your tile and grout combination:

Grout Color to Make Your Tile Blend In

The best way to highlight your new bathroom or kitchen features is to use the same color grout as your tile. Whether it is white tile and white grout or black tile and black grout, using the same grout colors will give the illusion of a seamless wall or floor – and make plenty of room for your brand new vanity or kitchen island to be the stand out star of the remodel.

Choose A Grout Color For Your NYC Apartment

Grout Color to Make Your Tile Stand Out

You found a tile style you absolutely love! Congrats! If you want this tile treasure to be the spotlight of your space, use a contrasting grout color. The most obvious would be black and white grout & tile color combinations, but feel free to get creative! This interesting rectangular tile is a good example of utilizing a backdrop to it pop. 

Grout Color

Grout Color to Create Patterns

Use negative space to have your tile and grout combination create a pattern for a real eye-catching effect. This is most commonly and easily done with white tile and dark gray or black grout. (source). Any pattern your interior designer or your dreams can conjure up will be emphasized by an opposing grout color to the tile you choose. This blue/gray tile pattern would be a bit lost if not for the lighter grout color really highlighting the design and compliments the kitchen cabinets.

Choose A Grout Color

NYC Grout Solutions

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