NYC Bathroom Vanities Ideas

By Tiffany Smolick


Creative Ideas for New Bathroom Vanities, Cabinets, and Sinks

The most attractive bathroom fixtures are those that beautifully compliment the decor style of the whole bathroom. With the hundreds of different vanities, cabinets and sinks from which to choose, New York City homeowners searching for a specific kind of bathroom accessories are almost guaranteed to find what they want and need. Some of the more popular bathroom, sink-related fixtures include:
Cabinet vanities
Framed sinks
Wall-mounted sinks
Undermount sinks
Pedestal sinks
Drop-in sinks
Vessel vanity and sink

Traditional cabinet-style vanities are versatile as well as ornamental and easily allow integration of varying types of sinks. Just about all sink styles can be found in cabinet vanities, including double-sinks and faucets. Cabinets are constructed from differing woods and wood veneers, with granite or ceramic tops and extension drawers providing plenty of storage space. With the hinges and plumbing lines concealed behind swinging cabinet doors, cabinet vanities represent the number one choice with many homeowners who decide to remodel their bathroom.

Bathrooms in older homes often contain wall mounted sinks due to lack of space or budgetary concerns during the construction of the home. Recently, this kind of sink is experiencing a resurgence in popularity and is now being implemented in many new home construction plans. Attached to the wall with no cabinetry or other support to take up space, wall mounted sinks add a delightful, old-fashioned appearance to a bathroom with the addition of an attractive “skirt” that hangs from the bottom of the sink down to the floor. Skirts can be any color or design and act to conceal piping underneath the sink.

Pedestal sinks are another favorite type of bathroom vanity accessory that provides smaller bathrooms with a focal point enhancing small bathrooms with the illusion of space. Pedestals used to support the sink come in many styles, from sleek modern to spiraling antique column.
Plumbing lines are hidden inside the pedestal so that no unsightly pipes are noticeable.

Elegant and unique, vessel sink vanities add a charming quality to bathrooms decorated in antique style. The sink, which can be a delicate porcelain bowl or other art object made from blown glass or stone, sits on top of the vanity’s counter in freestanding fashion. The vanity is mounted to the floor like traditional vanities but the faucet is a non-standard faucet that can be integrated with the vanity in the usual manner or left unconcealed to add a certain ambiance to the bathroom.

Framed sinks are pressed steel or cast iron sinks enameled with porcelain. Trimmed with metallic materials resembling gold or silver, framed sinks are embedded in vanity tops and represent a more economical technique of remodeling a bathroom.

The type of vanity, sink and cabinet homeowners wish to use when renovating a bathroom should be influenced by the size, shape and desired reflection of the bathroom.

New York City residents who would like advice regarding remodeling ideas can talk to professional home remodeling contractors working for MyHome and receive expert advice regarding the practical and aesthetic aspects of bathroom renovation.