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Two Becomes One: Combining Two Apartments in Midtown West

By Tiffany Smolick


NYC apartments are tight and small by default. The entire apartment seems to be the kitchen slash dining room, the living room, the separate bathroom, and a teeny-tiny bedroom. 

Many owners get discouraged and believe that following design trends is impossible in such confined spaces. However, it wouldn’t be the NYC spirit if we didn’t try to turn the impossible into reality! That’s what we do when we are starting an apartment renovation in Manhattan!

The MyHome team was tasked with crafting a brand-new home by combining two small apartments in a fourth-floor walkup brownstone in Midtown West. One of our leading project managers, Eran Chelcinski, mastered this task from the long planning stages to its rewarding completion.

It took over a year to plan and get approved, but when our return client came to us wishing to convert two one-bedroom apartments into one spacious, the MyHome team stepped up to the challenge. It truly was a full, floor-to-ceiling remodel, stripping everything to bare bones and recreating a new apartment. 

Let’s review how each apartment redo went, step by step!

Project Overview

The client of this project proposed joining two apartments into one, spicing up the interior design, and focusing on practicality. As soon as he heard the idea, the project manager, Eran Chelcinski, rolled up his sleeves and started working on the initial preparations. 

In just a few months, the client got a fully renovated apartment! Upgrades and updates completed on the 413 West 48th Street apartment include:

  • A demo to two walls and adding square footage for the common area
  • Framing two new bedrooms
  • Framing a new bathroom
  • Installation of electrical in an all new framing area
  • Plumbing upgrades for waste and water lines for the new bathroom
  • Plumbing upgrades for the washer and dryer
  • Relocating two heat pipes
  • Soundproofing via insulation and flooring
  • Fire Proofing 
  • Newly framed and dropped ceiling 
  • New Flooring throughout 
  • New Paint throughout
  • A custom crafted bench installed in the dining area

Since the apartment was on the 4th floor, Eran Chelcinski and his team had a serious challenge. The project manager had to devise an effective strategy on how to use the elevator during the apartment renovation while respecting others’ downtime and meeting deadlines. But as always–the MyHome team surpassed everyone’s expectations and finished the task.

With the new flooring, insulation, and dropped ceilings, the renovation began inside out.

A truly unique project, it involved three separate inspections because of the new plumbing lines to the new bathrooms and new electrical panels running lines to the newly framed living areas. Chelcinski and his team had a behemoth of a project to complete, and they surmounted expectations over and over again.

So, let’s go through the renovation inside out and see how it looks from room to room.

Before we get started– Here are some of the gorgeous photos of this full home renovation. Click here to see the full gallery. 

Living Room Renovation

The sitting area feels comfortable and spacious with the demolition of the two walls separating the apartments. There’s enough room to lounge about and invite friends over without feeling packed or squeezed. Additionally, there are two extra windows that brighten up the room, which is a must for a room where you spend the majority of the day. 

Privacy in NYC is a luxury, but it’s not impossible! The renovation of this apartment involves soundproofing via insulation and flooring throughout the entire apartment, including the sitting room. You can enjoy your time at home without having to listen to bickering coming from the apartments above or below. At the same time, you’re granting yourself more freedom to be noisier than usual!

The final touch to this room was the nude paint that additionally brightened the space. It went hand in hand with the chosen furniture, strategically accenting the wood and orange couch and the contrasting grey chair.

Kitchen Renovation

Thanks to the kitchen renovation, this area was completely transformed, doubling in size and no longer feeling confined and dull. The new wooden cabinets look expensive and sleek and perfectly complement the living room area. The cute kitchen island further adds to the functionality of the kitchen and serves as the perfect divider cabinet between the living room and the kitchen.

Apart from the kitchen island, perfect for lazy mornings, you have the dining room that adds the finishing touches to this apartment area. There’s a long metallic dining table with comfortable white chairs that go with the overall ambiance of the apartment. The fancy custom-crafted bench installed in the dining area frees room for two extra spaces on the dining table, making it perfect for hosting dinners for 6-7 friends. 

Bathroom Renovation

All general constructors agree that a bathroom renovation in NYC is the trickiest, as you have to mind the plumbing and electrical installations. However, that’s what made this project entirely unique. Namely, it involved three separate inspections because of the new plumbing lines to the new bathrooms and new electrical panel running lines to the newly framed living areas. Once the plumbing and electrical installation were off the to-do list, it was time for the interior design to shine. 

NYC apartments require functionality and a touch of elegance. For that reason, the design team opted for an achromatic look with minimalistic details. The predominant color is black, but the white sink and cream tiles above it break the monotony. These tiny alterations turned the bathroom into a luxurious and contemporary space

The tub is big enough to offer a relaxing pamper after a busy NYC day. Our favorite part about the tub area is the gap in the wall, which saves space and adds the finishing touch to the bathroom. And did we mention that the tub incorporates a shower head?

Ultimately, the last part about this area is the glass shower door that protects from water spraying all around the bathroom while showering.

Bedroom Renovation

The bedroom got a whole new look with the new flooring and paint. It’s refreshing and calming, which is exactly the kind of vibes we were going for when planning the bedroom design

Ultimately, we cannot go without mentioning the natural light in the room. The three windows make the room look bright and open, but not too much so that it disrupts the owner’s sleep. The frosted window films add more privacy while allowing natural light to come through.

In the corner is a brick wall with a wooden dresser and a plant next to it, which adds to the freshness of the room. The ceiling-mounted LED lights brighten the room just enough so that it’s comfortable on the eyes.

Under the timber and white bed, a plush grey carpet with white frills accentuates the sleeping area. Finally, the room is completed with a walk-in closet, which was only possible because of the combined square footage of the two units.

So, while connecting the two bedrooms was definitely a challenge, we did it with flying colors!

The Apartment Renovation Project Expansion Made Possible

The team, along with the chief general manager, Eran Chelcinski, completed their task with the highest mark. They managed to turn two tight apartments into one breathable and modern flat in Midtown West

If the homeowner ever decides to rent this apartment, its real estate value will be higher than ever due to all the alterations and modern touches to the interior.

To conclude, apartment renovations come with their challenges and problems. However, it’s up to the general manager to fix or find alternative solutions to the obstacles. 

Therefore, if you struggle with any kind of issue regarding apartment renovations, from plumbing installation to renovation tips by a trustworthy general constructor–feel free to reach out to the MyHome team! We’d be happy to help.