Co-op Bathroom Remodeling NYC

Testimonials and Professional References

I am writing this reference letter on behalf of MyHome Renovations.

I own a Co-op in New York City and decided to renovate the bathroom in May of 2005. I was looking for a full service company to manage the project from beginning to end and decided to give My Home a call. I also had 2 other independent contractor’s provide me with quotes so that I could compare pricing, etc. The reason I chose My Home was due to their full service approach to the project. I liked the fact that I could work with a designer on the look of the bathroom, choose my materials, have a project manager assigned to manage the process and have a 2 year guarantee on the overall project – all with one company. My Home also secured all of the necessary paperwork with my Co-op board which was very helpful to me. I will say that I did have some problems with the contractor assigned to my project. If I had to do it over again, I would ask My Home to assign someone else. That said, had I worked with this particular contractor without My Home, I’m sure that I would not have had the same outcome. Yes there were bumps in the road but I’ve heard horror stories from friends who have used independent contractors who didn’t have a company like My Home behind them. My Home made sure all of my issues/concerns were taken care of – no questions asked. The project was not completed until I said it was completed. I also had a couple of minor things that needed to be taken care of after the completion of the project and My Home was very quick to complete these things for me in a very timely manner. Doing anything in New York City is challenging – I’m grateful that there is a company like My Home out there to make things a little easier for us hard working New Yorkers! I am very happy with the final outcome and plan on using My Home for my kitchen renovation in 2007. I was most impressed with Vince my Sales/Design rep – I gave him my budget and he kept me on target. I think we actually came in a bit under budget which made me very happy. I was also very pleased/impressed with Sagi my Project Manager who managed my contractors – which was a task in itself – and made sure all of my concerns were addressed promptly. His ultimate goal and focus was to making sure that I was completely satisfied with the end result. I have to say that his goal was accomplished.

Keep up the good work!


Anthony Picone