NYC Refurbished Kitchen

Testimonials and Professional References

Letter of Reference: MyHome LLC

June 12, 2006

When I moved into my new apartment in January, I decided that I would renovate the kitchen. The apartment had received no attention aside from the occasional painting and floor refinishing in over 20 years. I imagined this, my first renovation project, to be a small project with little impact on my life in my new apartment. I was wrong – and I couldn’t be happier.

When I began getting estimates for the kitchen renovations, Ben from MyHome arrived. I thought there was no harm in asking for a bathroom estimate, not because I was ready to do a project of that size, but it would be good to have a number for the future. Ben happily did the added work, as I complained about having to find a painter and floor refinishing company. Ben offered to give estimates for that as well. He had beautiful ideas for what could be done to my small and claustrophobic kitchen; when I had trouble imagining the kitchen as he described it, he drew pictures and I began to get excited about what would soon be my new kitchen. Ben had big ideas for my small one bedroom and it was nice to see someone as excited about the project as I was.

When the estimates came in, separate kitchen, bath, paint, and floors as I requested, I was surprised to realize that I might be able to afford the entire project. MyHome’s references were glowing and so the project began. Ben and I chose the fixtures, appliances, tile, countertops, everything in one whirlwind evening in the showroom. Always mindful of my budget, Ben would give me several options for what was needed. When I contacted him a few days later, he took the time to put an email together with pictures of most of the items so I could show them off to my friends and family. He gave me an estimate of what the materials would cost and the ordering began. Now that the project is complete, I think it’s important to mention that both the estimates for labor and materials were intact.

As work was about to begin, I met Jesse, who would be my guide through the construction process. He answered every question I had with patience and spoke to me in layman’s terms. He was even more excited about the project than I was! He prepared me for the reality of the work ahead and gave me an approximate date that I would be able to move back into the apartment. Of the few items that I had moved in, MyHome created a quarantine area where my furniture would be safe. What stands out most about my time with Jesse was his enthusiasm, endless knowledge, and reliability. He and I consistently had weekly meetings at the apartment to review the team’s progress and next steps. He happily accommodated my work schedule and often sent me updating emails. He referred to the construction team by name and Andrew, the foreman, would often attend our meetings. Andrew and his team were able to finish my entire project a month ahead of schedule.

Everyone at MyHome seems to love their job, and it shows in the quality of their work. After hearing stories from my friends and family, only now do I realize how lucky I was to have found MyHome. It seems as if they are working, single handedly, to change the reputation of renovations.

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend MyHome to any person about to begin kitchen or bathroom renovations. They are an amazing team who delivered beautiful work.


Elisabeth Austin-Page