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November 26.2008

353 W 48th St
New York, NY 10036

Re: 171 East 84th Street
Apt 1713. New York 10028

To whom it may concern,

When we bought our apartment in June. it needed a lot of work to become the home of our dreams. We also knew many things could go wrong in the process – cost overruns, delays in getting planning permission, poor workmanship, damage to building infrastructure, etc.. Most of all, as our lease was expiring in October. we needed the work to be completed on time.

We learnt about MyHome’s reputation as a full-service home remodeling company from an advertisement in a home improvement magazine. We were still cautious, and did a lot of background diligence before finaly engaging MyHome to perform the preliminary designs for the apartment. That was a key step in the process. Since then, MyHome has delivered on its promises to complete the work on budget, on time and according to specifications.

We have to say that a key person in this process was Adi Kraus. From the moment he was introduced to us, we found him to be a superb and dedicated professional. Adi has a great ability to visualize and bring designs to life. and his background as an architect was absolutely indispensable in both the development of the final design for our apartment as well as the material selection process. He steered us through the planning permission phases, and he helped us choose a utilitarian design which resulted in a beautiful open kitchen and an enlarged master bathroom- both firsts in our apartment line. In fact, the design caused a bit of a stir among other residents living in the same line in our building, who have since come by to get ideas for what could be done with their units.

In terms of the actual implementation of the design, Adi was equally Impressive. As project manager, he was always on top of things, coordinating many different project components and and keeping the whole schedule on track. Throughout all this, he was patient, calm and constantly available even to the point of meeting us after office hours – we’ve lost count of thc number of 5pm-8pm meetings we had in the Chelsea showroom. The only time Adi could not be contacted was in early August- it was only later that we found out that his wife had gone into labor during this period, and that he had just became a father of his tirst born son. Needless to say, we were surprised by how quiet he was about the whole thing, and this only reinforced in our minds his ability to juggle many important responsibilities at the same time without any fuss.

In short, we have been very impressed by MyHome’s efforts and in particular, those of Adi Kraus. and would have no hesitation recommending MyHorne for future remodeling projects. MyHome is fortunate to have such dedicated persons on its staff, and we are confident this can only bode well for My Home in the future.

Very truly yours,

Graham Lim / Kathleen Peacock

cc: Adi Kraus
cc: Vince Wiscovitch