Manhattan Kitchen Remodeling

Testimonials and Professional References

MyHome LLC
353 West 48th Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10036

September 3, 2006

To Whom It May Concern,

My wife and I were braced for unpleasant surprises when we remodeled the kitchen of our Manhattan studio. In no small part, this was because we live 50 miles from the city.

But considering how few real problems we encountered, and the professional manner in which these were resolved, I would gladly recommend the services of MyHome.

We chose MyHome because we believed a streamlined, all-in-one approach managed by an efficient organization was far preferable to the hit-and-miss approach of dealing with loosely-affiliated subcontractors and vendors. We wanted professionalism and accountability, and in all respects, that’s what we got.

The few problems we ran into can best be classified as recordkeeping issues on MyHome’s part, which I found rather surprising, given the otherwise high level of service provided. They involved misplaced paperwork that, had I not kept all of my e – mails, might have led to a dispute. But to its credit, MyHome did not challenge my recollection or my records, and the project stayed on time and on budget.

Architect / Project Manager Kenni Walker is a tremendous asset to MyHome. We only worked with Kenni for the last part of the job – actual construction – and wish we’d met her earlier, to get a better sense of her design skills. But she is detail-focused, apparently unflappable even under great stress, and actually listened to all of our concerns. Imagine that, in New York; there wasn’t a single moment of detachment. It’s exactly what you want when you entrust your home and money to someone in this way.

By the way, the kitchen looks fantastic.

John T. Ward