Home Renovations NYC

Testimonials and Professional References

Dear Mayan,

I just wanted to drop you a heartfelt thank you note. Although we’ve never met, I’ve admired your ability to target a huge unmet need, build a company to answer that need and staff it with talented and ethical people.

We are delighted with our newly renovated apartment and could not have gotten there without the wonderful assistance of Moritz, Steve, Shawn, B and his crew. I was very fortunate to find Moritz, who’s design taste (and patience) helped bring the pictures in my head to life, and B has practically become a member of the family!

Our friends Joe Billone and Mark Bodine referred us to you – so they deserve a measure of gratitude as well.

So again, thank you for making the daunting task of apartment renovation a more pleasant and successful experience!


Mei-Mei Dickerson & Tom Cook