NYC Kitchen Renovation

Testimonials and Professional References

Dear Justin,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at MyHome for the splendid job that was done in the renovation of my kitchen. This was a large and complicated task, with many elements that had to be coordinated expertly, and in every case this coordination was seamless. I have had a number of friends who have gone through kitchen renovations in the past and uniformly their experiences were dreadful. Without exception, they encountered shoddy workmanship, protracted delays, poor design expertise, and an utter failure of coordination between the various elements of the renovation. In all of these areas, MyHome proved an exception to the usual horrors of renovation. From design to demolition to construction to touch-up and walk-through, every facet of this renovation was handled with a level of care, good humor and professionalism that is clearly rare in this business The people at MyHome made this renovation a pleasure, rather than a burden. My congratulations and appreciation to you all. I could not recommend any business organization more highly.


Thomas H. Cook