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25 Stylish Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

By Tiffany Smolick


The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where you eat, cook, live, and love; therefore, there is no question you want a stylish and comfortable space to enjoy.

One element that can quickly transform any kitchen is the backsplash. Here are 25 of our favorite kitchen tile backsplash ideas to revamp your kitchen.

1. Mother of Pearl

mother of pearl kitchen tile backsplash

With a natural iridescence, mother-of-pearl tiles can add taste and richness to a kitchen design.

2. Glazed


Unique and colorful, the shifting tones of a glazed kitchen tile backsplash add instant drama.

3. Light Glass

glass kitchen backsplash ideas(via)

Another way to bring beautiful light into your kitchen is by using glass tiles in sea glass hues for the backsplash.

4. Mosaics

mosaic pattern kitchen tile backsplash(via)

Don’t be afraid of patterns. Choosing a unique pattern for your kitchen backsplash tile, like this mosaic tile backsplash, is a stylish option.

5. Herringbone

herringbone kitchen tile backsplash


Choosing a classic white kitchen backsplash tile and installing it in a herringbone pattern can instantly add visual interest.

6. Contemporary Chic

modern kitchen tile backsplash ideas


Consider using large stone tiles in a horizontal pattern behind your sink. This can help your kitchen feel fresh and energetic.

7. Translucent Tile

glass kitchen tile backsplash idea(via)

Create a glowing kitchen by choosing slim glass tiles in a combination of creamy hues and stone tiles with coppery shades.

8. Bronze

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Gold E1429133879341


Warm metal accents are a big home design trend for 2015. This bronze metal mirror backsplash tile gives a sophisticated look.

9. Go Green

earth friendly kitchen tile backsplash idea


Create an earth-friendly kitchen backsplash that also has a ton of style by using recycled glass tiles. You can find colors to match any décor you have.

10. Painted Glass

glass bright kitchen tile backsplash idea


If you are looking for clean kitchen tile backsplash ideas, sanitary and seamless then consider installing a single piece of glass, painted on the back. This offers style and function.

11. Mix it Up


Using a basic subway-style kitchen backsplash tile and changing the pattern can add sophistication to your kitchen.

12. Create a Sense of Space

kitchen tile backsplash one color

If you have limited space in your kitchen, then selecting a single-color tile backsplash (with no texture or pattern) will help the kitchen appear roomy and uncluttered.

13. Subway Tile

subway tile kitchen backsplash


Are you going for a more modern look? If so, then using classic, white subway tiles with white grout can achieve the look you want.

14. Granite Backsplash Tiles


Consider installing veined granite tiles that will provide a rich, warm look for any kitchen.

15. Steel


If seamless is your goal, then contemporary steel is the ideal option. You can create a modern and great-looking space with a steel kitchen tile backsplash.

16. Bring the Ocean to Your Kitchen

sea glass kitchen backsplash tile(via)

Consider mixing shades of blue tile and sea glass to bring a bit of the ocean right into your kitchen.

17. Tongue and Groove

wood kitchen tile backsplash(via)

Go for a classic cottage look with a wood tongue and groove wall covering used as a backsplash.

18. Add some Accents

accent kitchen tile backsplash ideas(via)

Consider a solid-colored tile with an accent near the bottom. This creates an area of interest for your kitchen.

19. Industrial Chic


A brick backsplash offers a unique, industrial look that can add a warm feel to your kitchen. For an even better kitchen tile backsplash idea, add a few chalkboards and you will have a great-looking kitchen.

20. Modern Marble

modern marble kitchen tile backsplash idea(via)

Marble offers a clean seamless look for your backsplash that integrates seamlessly with your kitchen counters and cabinets.

21. Pebbles


Yes, pebbles. The bigger pebbles will create a “lake” effect in your kitchen. Leave out the grout for an even more natural look.

22. Shelf

metal shelf kitchen tile backsplash(via)

Right over your stove you can have a shelf framed out and look as though it is set into the wall. This kitchen tile backsplash idea is great for spices and for adding visual interest to your kitchen.

23. Function First

stainless steel backsplash(via)

Use a stainless steel kitchen backsplash along with a rail system that will keep your cooking utensils in view and easy to access.

24. Color Compilation

slate kitchen backsplash tiles(via)

Use slate tiles to pull in all the colors you have used elsewhere in your kitchen.

25. Colorful Tiles

bright kitchen tile backsplash ideas

Bright and cheery, colorful Mediterranean-style kitchen backsplash tiles can add an element of interest to your space.


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