NYC Loft Remodeling

By Tiffany Smolick


Remodeling Your NYC Loft Space

September 28, 2011

If you live in a loft apartment in New York City, you are no stranger to issues with spacing and separation within your home. If your space has grown stale or the spacing doesn’t feel quite right, it may be time for a remodel. Remodeling can give your New York City loft a new look and can completely overhaul the function of the space. There are many options for remodeling available, so consider them all when dreaming up your new loft!

A loft apartment is generally characterized by all of the living space within the apartment being shared or confined to one room with the exception of the bathroom and bedroom. So, your kitchen, dining area, living room, and home office space are all in one physical open-air room. For many loft apartment dwellers wishing to remodel or repurpose their space, the solution is in installing half walls to separate areas of the major room and create smaller “rooms”. If you do not own your space or cannot buy half walls for any reason, room dividers and trellises are an excellent alternative. Trellises not only effectively divide the space in to separate mini-rooms, but they also function as a space for hanging decorations such as framed photos or paintings the same way a wall would.

When remodeling your loft, it’s important to consider the space you have and how it can be best be used. Many lofts offer very little space, and if more than one person is living within the loft, there can be slim pickings when it comes to living space. To alleviate space issues, one remodeling tip is to build furniture such as beds, bookshelves, and entertainment units directly into the wall.

Further, with regard to doorways, one space-saving solution is to use sliding pocket doors that slide in and out of the wall rather than traditional doors that open and close. With the eliminated need for a door to open into the space, furniture may be arranged directly against a wall regardless of whether a doorway is situated next to the furniture piece or not. Finally, lighting installed on the ceiling or walls rather than on table tops and other surfaces can be a big help when it comes to making the most of a space and even making it appear larger than it is.

If you live in a home in New York City that has loft space within it but it is not your main living space, you may also consider a remodel of the space to give it functionality as its own room. Home offices, playrooms, craft spaces, and game rooms are excellent uses of loft space and can be achieved through a simple eye for decoration and design. Unused loft areas are also excellent places to design shelving and storage areas.