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March 3, 2006

Yoel Piotraut
My Home U.S.
353 West 48 Street
NY, NY 10036

Dear Yoel,

Some months ago we spoke about our disappointment with some of the employees assigned to our bathroom project. The site was a mess, the project manager frequently absent and failing to follow-up, using incorrect grout color, etc. After much aggravation and discussion, the project was completed.

Recently however, I have had a much different experience with your employees, and want to share some positive feedback with you.

When Tom called to advise you that our shower was leaking into the bathroom beneath ours, your response was prompt and efficient. Steve Valerio spoke with Tom, met with our Superintendent repeatedly, inspected the site and assigned Narine of Nars Construction to remedy the problem.

The work progressed seamlessly. Recommendations were implemented that included installing a solid marble saddle, extending the pan, and raising the height of the step. The project took two whole days to complete and included some demolition, cutting slate with a wet-saw, re-grouting and removal and re- installation of the shower door. The apartment was spotless throughout! All of our carpets were protected and the worksite completely cleaned prior to Narine leaving at the end of the day. Moreover, both Steve and Narine were courteous, respectful and collaborative. While we ran to get the extra tiles and select a new saddle, Steve and Nars Construction consulted with the super and planned their solution to the problem. If we decide to do additional work in the apartment, I would insist on relying on the talents of Steve and Narine.

Some months ago I was asked by a neighbor to come and see our bathroom. I understand that after we spoke she visited your showroom a number of times and seriously considered working with you. While Ruth Brodsky ultimately selected another firm, I would like to try again to refer a new client.

I have suggested that Jacalyn Barnett call you, and would appreciate knowing if she retains you to re-do her kitchen.

My business allows me to interact with clients and their designers every day. Frequently, I help them to select the wallpaper, paint colors, window treatments and “finishing touches” for the rooms they are re-doing. Steve and Narine have so impressed me that I would consider referring those clients to you for their construction needs. Perhaps you too would consider referring clients to me who need help after the construction has been completed.

Time will tell if additional problems surface in our bathroom. We are now confident however, that with staff like Steve and Nars, you have built a far superior team that would address any of those issues effectively.

Tom and I thank you for responding so quickly and for earning our trust. We will call you for any additional projects that we might consider in the future.

Warm regards,

Susan Schwarz