4 Venting Options for Your NYC Kitchen Remodel

Likely, the least fun aspect of designing your kitchen might be choosing your hood range; that often noisy machine that hogs precious kitchen space.  Thankfully this can be a fairly easy decision as there are only 4 main types of vents. We put together a quick overview of these kitchen hood venting options to help you plan […]

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Subway Tile Design

If you pick up any design or home magazine, I’m sure you will find many kitchens and bathroom designs featuring subway tiles.  Subway tiles have a long reputation for being the tile design that goes with everything as it is a design never goes out of style and has the ambiguity of being dressed up […]

6 Things You Didn’t Think Would Fit in a Small NYC Kitchen But Do

Tons of NYC homeowners and renters have small kitchens. When watching home improvement shows or visiting family out of town, we sometimes see kitchen spaces that are larger than our entire homes which makes it feel like we cannot have the same designs in our homes. However, most homeowners don’t realize that we can certainly incorporate […]

Six Black Bathrooms To Inspire Your Bathroom Remodel

Six Examples of Black Bathrooms To Inspire You for 2017 When you are designing your dream bathroom, most often you will consider neutral hues as your design choice because they complement the white in most bathrooms. But, if you are looking for an alternative to the norm and want to make a statement with your […]

4 Types of Islands to Consider When Designing Your Kitchen

Islands are the heart of a kitchen and a forever popular gathering space. Your kitchen island plays an essential part for many families as it’s the meeting place for most.  From bar seating to storage, the possibilities of your kitchen island are endless.   4 Types of Islands to Consider When Designing Your Kitchen Besides […]

5 Low Budget Upgrades to Make Your NYC Bathroom Amazing

Renting or owning a home in NYC means you have a lot of things to consider about your home. Many of these things you will have no choice over, such as square footage, but one thing you shouldn’t have to tolerate is a bad bathroom. Even if you can’t afford to have a full bathroom renovation or switch out the old […]

7 To-Dos to Make Your NYC Home Ready for 2017

January may be the coldest month of the year, but it can also be used as a time to take care of the small items in your home. Make the best of this new month by clearing out space in your home, increasing warmth and thinking up ideas for the year ahead. Here are 7 to-dos […]

How to Prepare for Your NYC Apartment Renovation

As contractors we know the dos and don’ts of construction.  A number of the lessons we learned along the way can help homeowners as well. What you do in preparation for and during your renovation project is just as important as what you don’t do. How to Prepare for Your NYC Apartment Renovation  #1: Be a Confident Decision Maker […]

NYC Homes: Our 10 Most Popular Kitchen Design Photos of 2016

Certain kitchen designs and features will never go out of style while other designs seem to arrive annually and surprise you. Below you will find MyHome’s edition of our top 10 most popular kitchen photos uploaded in 2016. You will find classic designs such as white cabinets, farmhouse style sinks, and grey color palette designs.  […]

7 Small Space Design Ideas Every NYC Apartment Needs

Most people who live in New York City can agree that living in small space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. Even in the smallest of spaces, comfort and ambiance can be large on design.  If you follow a few simple ideas, you can achieve the conveniences of any normal sized apartment with style. 7 Small Space Design […]