The Great Kitchen Backsplash: 4 Materials to Consider

The Great Kitchen Backsplash What can you do when your kitchen needs improvement, but you don’t want to renovate the entire space? In any other room, you might consider painting an accent wall. In the kitchen, a simple and quick solution is to change the backsplash. Backsplashes protect kitchen walls from staining. They are especially coveted […]

Real Life NYC Bathroom Renovation Steps and Timeline

Beginning a renovation project in NYC can be daunting. Learning the exact steps to take and how long the process will last can help relieve some anxiety. The MyHome Design + Remodeling team are well versed in all aspects of the remodeling process in the city. From obtaining permits and approval to picking beautiful vanities […]

NYC Home Design Trends: What is IN and What is OUT for the Season 

If you live in New York City, chances are you are keenly aware of constantly changing trends in fashion, neighborhoods, and home design. We have compiled a helpful list of design elements that are on their way out, as well as new styles you should definitely be adopting into your apartment.  NYC Interior Design: Things […]

Expand Your Home Improvement Vocabulary With These Home Renovation Terms To Know

When taking on a remodeling project in NYC, there are a multitude of new words and phrases to learn very quickly! Your contractor, designer, and project manager will be utilizing a wide range of, perhaps unfamiliar, lingo that you would be smart to brush up on. Make sure you know these home improvement terms below […]

Behind The Scenes: Why Regular Maintenance and Renovations Are Surprisingly Necessary

There are a few obstacles that prevent NYC homeowners from moving forward with remodeling projects. Costs are typically relatively steep, timelines for completion can be lengthy, and being displaced or inconvenienced from home is tedious. Despite these reasons for holding off on starting a renovation, it is important to commit to the project to prevent […]

NYC Homeowners Love these Bathroom Shower Fixtures

One of the unexpectedly fun features to pick out during a bathroom renovation is the shower and tub fixtures. Depending on the color, material, and style you choose – it can define your bathroom design. Picking the right fixture will ensure your space achieves the desired aesthetic. Ultra Contemporary For this Midtown West bathroom renovation […]

Add Color To Your Kitchen For An Added Sparkle This Season

Winter in NYC can be both magical and bleak. Once the shimmering snow turns to slush in the street, you might be looking for something as a bright beacon to the season’s end. It’s possible to escape the dreary gray color scheme of the frigid outdoors by revamping your kitchen with some cheery colors. There […]

NYC Remodeling Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them

There are few things more frustrating than starting a simple project and realizing too late that you opened up a “can of worms” you never would have imagined. This situation unfortunately happens too often when people start their own renovation, not fully understanding the level of preparation required. When talking to clients, we occasionally hear […]

Who Should You Ask For A Remodeling Referral?

You are ready to take the leap and get that dream renovation project started. Once you make that big decision, the second hardest one will be picking a company to complete the work that will beautify your home. More often than not, potential clients spend a lot of time inquiring with trusted family, friends and […]

Understand The Best Methods To Perfectly Light Your Kitchen

One decision you will have to make when renovating your kitchen is how to incorporate new lighting into the space. To achieve a beautiful kitchen design, you’ll want to ensure there is sufficient lighting to clean, cook, prepare, and gather. To begin, let’s cover the basics of each type of lighting style. Types of Lighting […]