NYC Bathroom Showers To Inspire Your Tub-To-Shower Conversion

Bathtubs can be highly valued for families and those wanting the luxurious experience of soaking in a tub after a long day, but for some the bathtub can be space-consuming and high maintenance for an area that is truly not get a lot of use. Many NYC homeowners are choosing a tub to shower conversion […]

Bright MyHome Designed Kitchens To Inspire You This Summer

It’s summer in the city! The warm weather and sunny days probably have you wishing your kitchen was open, airy and bright to let in the season. Summer is a great time to remodel the outdated, closed off kitchen space found in many old NYC buildings. This is because it’s much easier for homeowners to […]

Trendy Glass Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Design Tips

Installing glass cabinets in your NYC kitchen provides a luxurious look that will impress for years to come. Whether you choose glass for the majority of your storage or use it as a statement aspect of your remodel, this design choice maintains its value. Keep in mind choosing glass does take some consideration for maintenance […]

Shower Designs To Take Your Bathroom From Drab To Stunning

Living in New York City means all aspects of life should be stylish! From clothes to apartments, we strive to make a statement. Remodeling your apartment in NYC is the greatest opportunity to show off style and personality. When you are ready to begin renovations, don’t spare the details on a fantastic bathroom design. Our […]

An Upper West Side Apartment Gets A Bright and Colorful Remodel

The hunt for the perfect home to buy in New York City is an arduous journey that can sometimes take years and years. That is why when you finally secure your dream space in the city, remodeling to ensure everything looks exactly how you envisioned is key. The MyHome team recently completed a dream renovation […]

All About Kitchen Cabinets for NYC Apartments

If you’re looking to give your home the royal treatment, your kitchen is the first space to start! The kitchen cabinet doors are the eminent aspect of your kitchen. Focusing on the style and material for your kitchen is necessary. Whether you want to bring in the contemporary or traditional feel to your home, MyHome […]

The Benefits of Marble Countertops For NYC Homes

Many NYC homeowners have dreams of completely renovating their kitchen space to resemble that of the high end real estate magazines. In a majority of those glossy images, marble countertops are prominently featured. This ultra chic material might seem unrealistic due to high cost, but it could be worth the price tag for its many […]

How To Style Your NYC Studio Apartment 

The quintessential New York City apartment is an efficient but small space. Popular in all boroughs, many people discover that these small spaces are the best way to live the NYC lifestyle. The key to making this discovery is designing your studio in a way that fits your personality and makes the most of every […]

Why You Should Choose Engineered Quartz For Your NYC Kitchen

Quartz continues to grow in popularity for a countertop material in the NYC kitchen remodeling world. Specifically, homeowners are over and over choosing Engineered Quartz in order to tap into their creativity. This material offers an array of benefits that keep designers and clients thrilled with the renovation results.  What Is Engineered Quartz? Engineered quartz […]

NYC Home Design Trends: What is IN and What is OUT for the Season 

If you live in New York City, chances are you are keenly aware of constantly changing trends in fashion, neighborhoods, and home design. We have compiled a helpful list of design elements that are on their way out, as well as new styles you should definitely be adopting into your apartment.  NYC Interior Design: Things […]