An Upper West Side Apartment Gets A Bright and Colorful Remodel

The hunt for the perfect home to buy in New York City is an arduous journey that can sometimes take years and years. That is why when you finally secure your dream space in the city, remodeling to ensure everything looks exactly how you envisioned is key. The MyHome team recently completed a dream renovation […]

Spring Cleaning Checklist

The frigid winter weather is passing and it’s time to open up the windows and let the NYC city sounds and atmosphere into your home. This inspires many to start a spring cleaning journey to rid the home of negative winter feelings and habits. The task of cleaning every nook and cranny will seem much […]

NYC Midtown West Apartment Gets Bold & Beautiful Upgrade

A Midtown West apartment got a major facelift earlier this year courtesy of the dynamic duo of MyHome professionals, Anri Tchelidze and Adam Blake. With so many people spending more time indoors as of late, remodeling a space to feel larger and more efficient is very important. This was especially true for our client residing […]

Expand Your Home Improvement Vocabulary With These Home Renovation Terms To Know

When taking on a remodeling project in NYC, there are a multitude of new words and phrases to learn very quickly! Your contractor, designer, and project manager will be utilizing a wide range of, perhaps unfamiliar, lingo that you would be smart to brush up on. Make sure you know these home improvement terms below […]

NYC Remodeling Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them

There are few things more frustrating than starting a simple project and realizing too late that you opened up a “can of worms” you never would have imagined. This situation unfortunately happens too often when people start their own renovation, not fully understanding the level of preparation required. When talking to clients, we occasionally hear […]

Get The Look: Instagram Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Design Trends From Instagram for NYC Homeowners Instagram is where so many of us turn to to find inspiration for fashion, lifestyle, and of course – home design. There are endless images of perfectly styled homes from all over the world to be the subject of your NYC remodeling fantasies. It’s easy to want […]

Two Becomes One: Combining Two Apartments in Midtown West

Two Becomes One! MyHome Combines Two Apartments in Midtown West with a Complete Renovation The MyHome team was tasked with crafting a brand new home by combining two small apartments in a fourth floor walk up brownstone in Midtown West. One of our leading project managers, Eran Chelcinski, mastered this task from the long planning […]

Ten 360° Video Tours of Recently Remodeled NYC Kitchens & Baths

Today we’re taking you inside some of our favorite renovations from 2016 and 2017. These 10 videos will give you a 360° view of kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects in New York City. Let these projects inspire your upcoming home improvement projects. Contact us to schedule a complimentary no-hassle, no-obligation meeting with one of our designers.  […]

Two Types of Waterfall Counters for Your NYC Home

Project Inspiration: Waterfall Counters for Your NYC Home A true waterfall counter or island is defined as continuing your materials with a vertical edge. This means that the material not only runs horizontal and sits on top of your counter, island or cabinets but it continues all the way down the sides and to the floor. Not only […]

How to Use Metallics in Your NYC Home Design without Going Overboard

4 Tips to Design your NYC Home with More Metallics  You can make any space instantaneously more glitzy with just a dash of sparkling metal. But if you use too much metallic, your home can end up feeling like a house of mirrors. While some designers say that there is no such thing as too […]