Kitchen Design Trends 2015: Luxe Metallics

One of the latest kitchen trends 2015 brought to the fore in all its splendor is luxe metallics. Originating in swank starlet mansions, the trend has made its way to Manhattan apartments, bound to bring some warmth to outdated silver themes.

But as with all tasteful and rich design elements, there is a danger of overdoing it. Because we couldn’t bear the thought of seeing petite kitchens turn into ‘kitsch’-ens, we thought it best to put together a short list of hints on how to use warm metals gracefully.

1. Copper Sink

You may have thought the kitchen sink is no place to try your hand at textured painting, but take a look at this artisan kitchen with textured brass lighting and hand-beaten copper sink, then judge for yourself. The brass door handles and the oak worktops are the finishing touches that round off a package as stylish as it is modest.

2. Gold and Brass Fixtures

This kitchen combines rich wood grain with brass and gold-tone fixtures on a pure white background to infuse the relatively small space with an air of panache and grandeur. Of all the kitchen trends 2015 graced us with to date, this is most likely the most flattering one for small kitchens.

3. Metal Details

Warm metal details on the kitchen cabinets can also liven up a mundane color theme, and it spares you the expense and the trouble of replacing any of the furniture just to keep on track with the latest kitchen trends in 2015.

4. Brass Shelving

Metal is nothing if not versatile, and that’s what makes brass, gold and copper shelving ideal for small spaces, just as this ’70s townhouse in Potts Point, Sydney reveals. The matching range hood is also a nice touch.

5. Gold Faucets

It’s not just the pull-down functionality of this faucet that makes it ideal for small kitchens, but also the antique brass finish. This luxe metallic touch brings a small space to life.

6. Copper Cabinet

While it may not serve as a stand-alone unit, the aptly named ‘Dime’ cabinet pod would go splendidly well with a copper themed décor. Bespoke versions can be designed with copper accessories instead of the standard silver ones, and should the luxe metallics kitchen trend in 2015 not last, there’s always the option to order accessories in a range of other colors.

7. Gold Grout

Here a bold gold grout complements the glorious bronze patinas used on faucets and socket casings. After all, tiles deserve some consideration, and if splashing out in gold-tone ceramics or furniture isn’t what you had in mind, livening up your grout could be the next best thing.

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