NYC Celebrity Apartment Tour: Demi Moore

For the ever watching eyes of the general public and star struck fans of Demi Moore, the very idea of being able to take a peek into the very personal and intimate space of her elite celebrity apartment at the “The San Remo,” located at 145 Central Park West in bustling NYC, is a dream come true. While it may only be a tour of pictures, it is no less a look into the true class, poise and dedication of what an A-Class star status means for a Hollywood star.

A sprawling triplex penthouse would seem to fit the style and comfort that most of us could easily adapt to as an occasional getaway as if we were to require a quick visit to the city for perhaps dinner and a show. Unless that is, you prefer city living over the quiet country atmosphere. Then by all means take up the New York Times reported 7,000 sq. of the luxurious living space.

This is where she spends some of her spare time. Though we are fully aware that her time is split among several sprawling and breathtaking mansions that seem to go for miles, the mere site of a square inch of her as well as many other Hollywood stars and their lifestyles it still brings an awe of delight.

A “living space” is what this this area may be called. The open and spacious area can be a reflection of her personality. Throughout the home, she has retained much of the home’s original workmanship being the Roth and Basket Weave Patterns. The Wide and opulent spaces expansive views are unique to this penthouse and some of views are only shared by this penthouse. No other unit in the triplex has 1 specific view that this one has. Feast your eyes on the soul taking view:

For the love of all cooking and continuing with smooth and elegant wood pattern in the Kitchen, they have paired it with the stone floor and counter tops, a true match for terrace just beyond. The kitchen is truly designed with a chef in mind with an 8 burner stove divided by a flat top grill. The recessed lighting ensures adequate lighting while working throughout the kitchen. The recessed lighting ensures adequate lighting for any prep work that may be needed. With North and South facing features, they have ensured the overall look the ability to capture the different views of the day and night.

While taking the visual tour of the prestigious home of Demi Moore, you really do have to concede that her celebrity apartment really does represent her personality. Her home does represent and uphold her same strong personality. The woods feature the dark grains while the counter tops feature stone that drive home the true strength that she has shone not only in her career but also in her personal life. Her public persona has remained strong despite whatever personal grief she may have struggled through. Perhaps, she is ready to retire her die-hard ways and face a peaceful future.


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