Putting the FUN in Functional

It is a well-known fact that the price most New Yorkers pay for living in the city (aside from the eye-popping, heart stopping rent) is lack of space. Typical New York City apartments, conjures up thoughts of small closets and feelings of claustrophobia.

However, before you cancel the lease on that cozy studio apartment in the West Village, there is hope.

This might just be the best space saving tip we could offer our customers. The days of your apartment (literally) cramping your style, are so over. Still skeptical?

Check out this video which showcases the day in the life of someone with a typical small apartment:


Unique, Space Saving Furniture

MyHome is teaming up with Resource Furniture to bring our clients the best in remodeling AND furnishing – bringing new meaning to “complete remodel and design”. We won’t stop at just making your place great – no no – we’ll make it legendary!

Resource Furniture takes the concept of blending and efficiency and makes them a reality with their unique, space-saving furniture systems. They have managed to redefine what it means to live in micro-units or otherwise small spaces, by combining style with practicality.

Get More from Your Space

Usually, one had to possess a special set of super crafty, space-saving skills in order to make their tiny spaces livable and comfortable or they had to decide between the sofa or the bed because having both is just impossible. Decorating your adorable new place meant compromising on good design and having clunky, unsightly furniture options that took so much time to open, close or move out of the way.

Now, you can move from sitting on a comfortable, chic sofa to an equally comfortable and durable bed with the ease usually reserved for opening a cabinet. Turn a chair into a step ladder in the time it takes to flip a switch! Seriously, there are few things as amazingly fun as this furniture.

What good is having a fabulous place if you can’t show it off to your friends and family, right? Under this system, not only would you be able to fit more than one person at a time in your place, you’ll be able to enjoy the kinds of gatherings known only to your neighbors in the Penthouse apartment.

Joining functionality with contemporary design has never been easier than now. Share with us some of your pictures of how you tried to make space.