Shower Designs To Take Your Bathroom From Drab To Stunning

Living in New York City means all aspects of life should be stylish! From clothes to apartments, we strive to make a statement. Remodeling your apartment in NYC is the greatest opportunity to show off style and personality. When you are ready to begin renovations, don’t spare the details on a fantastic bathroom design. Our team has gathered together a few inspiring recent renovations to show you different ways to add sparkle to your NYC bathroom.

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Mix & Match Bathroom Tile

From the artistry of handcrafted ceramic to the natural beauty of stone, there’s a tile for every design imaginable. Consider combining stone and metal tiles or glass and ceramic for a look at once unique and functional. This contrasting tile set up in a Lower Manhattan renovation is perfect for the contemporary NYC apartment.

LOCATION: 270 West 11th Street New York, NY 10014

NEIGHBORHOOD: Lower Manhattan

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Trending Neutral Tones

Nude toned bathrooms are all about creating a soft, natural environment. Choose one nude shade as a starting point and then add items that are darker or lighter within the same shade. Using neutral colors is key to creating a spa like feel in your NYC bathroom. This Brooklyn remodel uses sand-hued and appearing tile to add a slightly beachy vibe.

LOCATION: 325 West 52nd Street New York, New York

DESIGNER: Justin Schlenger


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Timeless Gray & Bold Bathroom

Gray is a color that will always retain its value. Even if you do not ever plan on reselling, by picking a grayscale design you will always impress guests and stay stylish. This bathroom design in Midtown NYC utilize beautiful marbled large gray tiles to catch the eye, a small amount of artistic gray mosaics for the inset, and simple but chic small gray floor tiles to tie it all together.

LOCATION: 788 Ninth Avenue (2) New York, New York 10019

PROJECT MANAGER: Eran Chelcinski
DESIGNER: Eran Chelcinski

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Black & White Bathroom Design

Black and white is a common choice for bathroom remodeling colors, but there are definitely ways to use these colors in a creative manner. The homeowners of the Upper East Side apartment mixed tiny mosaic tiles and large classic marble tile to introduce the perfect amount of contrast.

LOCATION: 425 East 63rd Street New York, New York

DESIGNER: Andrew Rooney

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Colorful Bathroom Design

Let your personality and design eye shine bright and include plenty of radiant color in your NYC bathroom renovation. Blue is always a good choice as it’s a relaxing color that is widely liked by all. This Manhattan remodel used varying shades of blue in their mosaic tiles that brings some fun along with style to the design.

LOCATION: 250 Mercer Street New York, New York 10012

NEIGHBORHOOD: Lower Manhattan

MyHome Offers Premier Bathroom Remodeling Services

Understanding the challenges and hassle of bathroom renovation New York, our experts are dedicated to delivering the superior level of service, including decision making, project management and industry-best craftsmanship. Our entire NYC bathroom remodeling work is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Welcoming Guest Bathroom Ideas 

Inviting guests over to stay at your home is exciting and anxiety-inducing. It’s wonderful to spend time with friends and family you might not have seen in a while. In the back of your mind though, you might be worried about the state of your guest facilities and if they are a little lackluster. Since the master bathroom is where you spend a majority of time, it makes sense that the guest bathroom might need attention. Luckily there are some creative and simple ways to spruce of that space to make it feel more welcoming for your incoming visitors. 

Back To Basics

When designing or preparing the guest bath, focus mainly on the needs of your guests and not too hard on ornate style. If you have access, allow in as much natural light as possible. That will reduce the need for too many light fixtures that people will have to worry about switching on and off. Making sure the space feels roomy and open is important as well, so include practical storage like jewelry hangers or a laundry basket. The most essential tip is to remove any and all clutter!

Keep It Simple: Features & Materials

Accessibility is key in terms of a NYC guest bathroom layout.  All you need is a sink, shower, and toilet in order to fulfill the needs of visitors. Most NYC baths will likely be small, but if you have room for a tub keep it minimalist as well. The materials that all of these bathroom features are made out of should be low maintenance and easy to clean. Consider porcelain sinks, glass shower doors, and laminate counter surfaces that take a simple swipe of a sponge to be cleaned.

Low Maintenance Decor Decisions

Do not go overboard with guest bathroom decorations. Too many knick knacks leads to cleaning much more frequently that necessary and your guests will not appreciate them as much as you do anyway. There are a few decor items that are worth it such as plenty of mirrors, a towel drying rack, low maintenance live plants, bath robes, and a toiletry kit. These things are actually useful and can be the perfect amount of a design touch without going overboard.

NYC bathroom remodeling

MyHome Offers Professional NYC Bath Design

Smart design decisions are key when it comes to NYC guest bathroom remodeling. If you feel your guest space needs an extra set of hands, contact the experts on our team. From the initial consultation to getting the job done, our highly-experienced and well-trained design consultant will be there with you.


Real Life NYC Bathroom Renovation Steps and Timeline

Beginning a renovation project in NYC can be daunting. Learning the exact steps to take and how long the process will last can help relieve some anxiety. The MyHome Design + Remodeling team are well versed in all aspects of the remodeling process in the city. From obtaining permits and approval to picking beautiful vanities and shower heads, we will be with you every step of the way. Check out our detailed information provided below about renovating your NYC bathroom so you can have realistic expectations for your journey. 

1. Obtain Permit and Building Specifications from your Building

So you can be aware of the scope of requirements, it is important to request a copy of your building’s alteration agreement and actually read it. The approval and renovation process can be overwhelming and lengthy. This agreement will help you understand why.

2. Meet with Remodeling Consultants 

Contact a few local remodeling companies and schedule meetings to discuss your project as soon as possible. In these meetings you will learn the accurate timing of your project that will accommodate your work schedule. You will also get a clear and accurate renovation pricing estimate that meets your budget. Most consultations can be scheduled within a week and take less than an hour. 

3. Hire a Remodeling Contractor

After you conclude your consultations, go ahead and hire a contractor within a quick time frame. This process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending how many contractors you speak to and their level of business. To ensure your project gets approved it is wise to hire a contractor with experience in your building. They understand the process and can maneuver it effectively.

4. Plan A Budget

With companies like MyHome, financial experts will be available to help you set a specific budget and design so that you will end up with the bathroom space you love, but can also afford. Creating a budget with a financial expert should only take a day or two! Though MyHome is a full service remodeling and renovation firm, we are renowned as a supplier and contractor focusing on project costs. This means, you will get complete freedom to spend wisely on what you really want.

5. Obtain Bathroom Measurements

A bathroom design team will come to your home to measure the dimensions of your bathroom so they can begin the planning process. Scheduling this day depends on how many projects are lined up in front of yours with the company, but should not take more than a couple weeks. 

6. NYC Renovation Approval Process

One of the most tedious and arduous aspects of remodeling is the approval process within your building. After hiring a professional team and getting measurements and blueprints, it’s time to apply for approval. If you’ve chosen MyHome as your NYC remodeling contractor, our team will handle all the building approvals and permitting. A realistic timeline for the approval process is 6 to 16 weeks. For a smaller NYC bathroom, we optimistically shoot for 6 weeks, but be prepared for longer. 

7. Bathroom Material Selection 

Luckily you have something to accomplish while anxiously awaiting approval. Choosing materials is a great distraction. While your contractor is going back and forth with your management company, you are having some fun picking tile and faucets. This is the time when you and your designer are putting together the materials that will take your dreams and make them a reality. Make sure to be aware of lead times, custom and handmade items will, of course, have longer lead times, but they are worth it if you want to create a unique space for yourself.

8. Demolition and Construction

The long awaited renovation work can finally begin! Construction can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months depending on the scope of work. This part of the timeline does typically take the longest in order to complete the project to your exact specifications. Your contractor should provide you and your management company with a time-frame for the work to be completed. Luckily a small NYC bathroom should only take around 4-6 weeks from demolition to final walk through. 

9. Final NYC Home Inspection

During construction, the city will conduct plumbing and electrical inspections. Once all the work is complete on your new bathroom, there will be a final inspection before the DOB signs off on the permits. This can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks, again depending on the size of the project and when the DOB schedules the inspections.

MyHome Offers Premier Bathroom Remodeling Services

Understanding the challenges and hassle of bathroom renovation New York, our experts are dedicated to delivering the superior level of service, including decision making, project management and industry-best craftsmanship. Our entire NYC bathroom remodeling work is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Trending Now: Nude Toned Bathrooms

If you are seeking to remodel you NYC apartment bathroom into something that is trendy but at the same time, timeless and forever eye-catching, look no further than the popular neutral tone. Nude color palettes are popping up more frequently in remodel requests and for a good reason! Our talented Interior Designer, Esther Trattner, gave the run down on all the best practices for renovating your bathroom into a neutral yet stylish space you will love for years to come.

Nude Bathroom Basics

Nude baths are all about creating a soft, natural environment. Choose one nude shade as a starting point and then add items that are darker or lighter within the same shade. There are many shades of nude; from light to dark with pink, terracotta, gold and mocha undertones.

Nude Toned Bathrooms
Unique pink-toned textured tiles, gold hardware, gold-toned marble look floor and shower wall tiles all add visual interest and make this low contrast nude bathroom warm and inviting.

Avoid Contrast In Nude Bathrooms

In general, we tend to avoid very dark cabinetry in a light nude bathroom. You’ll want to avoid harsh contrast between walls, cabinetry and hardware and aim for a more tone-on-tone approach Gold, brass, and bronze hardware is warmer and offers less contrast with a nude color scheme than black and chrome fixtures. 

Nude Toned Bathrooms
A concrete-look counter with soft texture, natural walnut vanity and griege and white hexagon floor tiles in a range of shades create a soft nude bathroom with plenty of visual texture. Brushed satin nickel fixtures blend in with this light color scheme.

How To Use Natural Light In Nude Bathrooms

Selecting the right nude shade in the bathroom depends on how light or dark you want the overall color scheme to be – and the amount of natural light in the bathroom. Bathrooms with lots of natural light can accommodate nudes in more saturated shades, while bathrooms with less natural light would do best with softer shades to avoid looking garish under strong LED lighting. We recommend that LED lights be dimmable for a nude bathroom to look its best and be most comfortable to use – which is what it’s all about!

The streaky satin tile in this bathroom flows beautifully along the floor, wall, and behind the horizontal-grained vanity. This vanity is in the gold nude family and would look equally good with chrome or brass hardware. Bronze picture frames bring in more of the natural brown tones to keep things warm and bright.

Nude Bathroom Accents & Materials

We would pair a light nude bathroom with lighter wood tones, such as natural stained walnut, maple or even teak for a bright mid-century modern wood tone that works well with brass and gold hardware. Because there shouldn’t be as much color contrast in a nude bathroom, the visual interest comes from texture. Handmade tile, a concrete sink, off-white tub, or a wood vanity with visible grain can all add layers of visual and tactile texture. Use a light hand with textures in permanent fixtures, and don’t forget that texture can also come from simple decorative items like flowers, countertop items and linens.

Bathroom Remodel Made Possible

The team at MyHome Design + Remodeling is ready to help NYC homeowners achieve a beautiful bathroom design. From the beginning consultation to the final walk-through, we will be involved in every step of the way. Schedule your completely free virtual design consult to get the process started!


5 Simple Ways To Change The Look Of Your NYC Bathroom without Braking the Bank

Creating a beautiful new space in your home does not have to be a large top to bottom project. There are many ways you can completely revamp the look of a NYC bathroom with just a few upgrades. As always, we recommend using a professional remodeling company to ensure you’re following all the building codes and obtaining the right permits. 

1. Paint Wooden Floors

In current times, a wooden floor in a bathroom is not recommended as it retains a lot of moisture. However many older apartments in the city might have been built with this material and have not yet been remodeled. If you are not ready to rip up the flooring and replace it, paint over the wood with a color including protective enamel. (The Spruce)

2. Change Out Vanity Mirrors 

Bring your bathroom up to date with a stylish mirror over the vanity. Popular shapes right now are circular and long rectangular mirrors. Include a metallic trim for a Pinterest-worthy bathroom or a frameless mirror to bring about that ultra modern design. 

3. Change Hardware on Cabinets and Vanities

It’s high time you tossed those pulls and knobs that were probably installed before 1980! Old dingy white round knobs or tarnished gold pulls are not doing your bathroom any favors. There are so many new creative styles of hardware that will completely transform your bathroom design.

4. Install New Shower Heads and Faucet Fixtures

There is no need to totally redo the plumbing in your bathroom in order to upgrade the shower and faucet. It’s actually fairly easy to replace those features with the right professional help. Indulge yourself with a large modern shower head and matching chic faucet and sink. The next thing you know, your new space will be better than a luxury spa. 

5. Change the Toilet

How long has that super basic toilet been frustrating loose in its fitting and been a general eyesore? The price of new modern toilets are a bit high, but so totally worth the splurge in the end. It’s surprising how this new feature truly brings your space to the next level of stylish.


NYC Based Showroom

If you are worried about where to find all these new elements to add to your NYC bathroom, never fear! The MyHome Design + Remodeling showroom is conveniently located right in the heart of Manhattan. The showroom is home to hundreds of home renovation materials and also has a super helpful team on site to talk about the best upgrades for your apartment. We also offer completely free virtual design consultations with a professional designer that are perfect for planning these upgrades.

NYC Bathroom Designs: Dark and Daring

A white bathroom is classic and stylish; however, those of us living a bit more on the wild side are adding dark elements – or even going all out shady – for our bathroom remodels. 

Illusions of Grandeur

Darker tones allow us to express our creativity and uniqueness. There are so many more options than colors circling around white. Going bold and black can even make your small bathroom appear and feel much larger, according to Architectural Digest. This illusion works best if you incorporate many black or very dark materials in your space. 

Go Dark to Go Bright

You can mix and match light with dark colors. One pro tip is to keep the darker tones closer to the ground and the light tones on the upper half of the walls and ceiling (source). Using this simple design trick, you can make your dingy bathroom appear brighter. 

Beyond Black

Black is a beautiful choice to bring about contrast in your bathroom design, but of course it is not the only option. Dark gray, navy blue, or a deep green are excellent choices for expressing your daring side. Check out the video below for some inspiration from real NYC bathroom renovations

Want more bathroom remodeling inspiration? Check out our project gallery


We hope you found this bit of information helpful, inspiring, and motivating toward renovating your kitchen and bathroom.


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MyHome Offers Two New Financing Options for Your NYC Remodel

Companies and governments all over the U.S. have taken time to pay attention to what the people in their local neighborhoods need. This has resulted in myriad new resources, supplies, and programs aimed to help people struggling through this pandemic.

New York City has been hit hard by economic insecurity and overall uncertainty about the future. Many people with large goals for the year, such as home renovations, have had to put off these projects. This is why the team here at MyHome is offering two new remodeling initiatives to help our clients achieve their remodeling goals, despite the downturn.

Our current remodeling special is available for both kitchen or bathroom projects!

When you sign the labor agreement with our contractors, you can save big on your upcoming remodel!

  • Receive a free Bosch Dishwasher for your new kitchen valued at $1000.
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The cost of these appliances are covered by MyHome so you can save a little extra or spend that money on another dream upgrade you’ve been eyeing. Get the full details on these remodeling specials here.

New Financing Options for Your NYC Remodel

MyHome’s biggest news is our brand new, never before offered, financing options. These loans are provided in collaboration with Enerbank to provide the New York Community with a hassle-free resource to get your renovations projects completed, and bring a little extra joy to your 2020.

We are offering a Same-As-Cash loan and a Low Interest loan. You and your project manager can determine which option is the best for your remodel. Both of the two new loan options are available for immediate approval and you can get either with no down payment.

Same-As-Cash Loan

With the Same-As-Cash loan you are not required to make payments during the Same-As-Cash period. Instead, you will get monthly statements with a principle and interest balance. All you have to do is make sure to pay the entire Same-As-Cash Loan off before the Same-As-Cash period ends, all the interest will be automatically waived. Monthly payments are not required!

Low Interest Loan

The second financing option is a low interest loan, where you make your first payment within 30-120 days of the first lump sum payment to the contractor.

Design Tricks for Small Bathrooms

We have designed this process to make it easy for our client’s and bring them peace of mind in moving forward with a big decision such as this. The MyHome team is committed to our New York City community and strives to help get our client’s back working on their dream projects. You can make a free consultation any time on our website and discuss the many benefits to signing on with our specials and financing options.

MyHome is NYC’s Best Airbnb Remodel Resource

MyHome Design + Remodeling, based in New York City, is excited to offer renovations and remodels for the surrounding Airbnb community. Now is the perfect time to begin the upgrading process with our professional and experienced team. 

Why Renovate?

New York City boasts almost 50,000 Airbnb homes (Inside Airbnb), apartments, and rooms. It can be difficult to stand out among the many options that potential guests have to choose from.  With the certainty of new regulations soon applying to these rentals, keeping yours up to date is also extremely important. Remodeling with MyHome can be the best option to increase your Airbnb’s nightly value, stay within your districts regulations, and make it to the top search results.

New York City Airbnb

Simple Solutions

Airbnb as a company is growing by 45% year to year (iPropertyManagement) and there’s every reason to being at the top of your game in the “sharing” economy. MyHome Design + Remodeling has been New York City residents’ top-rated remodeling choice for decades. Our team can easily create simple solutions like upgrading fixtures and flooring in your rental. A new shower head and a colorful tile flooring in your bathroom is almost guaranteed to impress your guests.( 

Airbnb Remodel

The Bigger, The Better

Looking to go a bit bigger? A minor renovation of your kitchen can create stunning photos for your Airbnb profile. The better the photos, the higher the search rank and that means more potential guests. The remodeling consultants at MyHome are experts in kitchen upgrades. From small details like beautiful cabinet hardware to large improvements like energy-efficient appliances, we can provide you with the perfect designs. The return on investment for kitchen remodeling is nothing to be ignored. (

Airbnb Remodel

All you have to do is swing by our New York City showroom at 353 West 48th Street. Let’s begin the journey to creating an incredible rental your guests will remember and spread the word to others. Our team will guide you through the Airbnb remodeling process! We want to help you rise above the crowd and score amazing guests and reviews. Renovation is worth the cost in all the new potential income these upgrades will create. (The Hosting Journey) You will be able to increase your rates to compete with the other Airbnb plus rentals in NYC and become more profitable in the long run. 

About Us

MyHome is a full service design and remodeling firm serving New York City. Providing complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling, MyHome has everything you need from design and supply to installation. Our mission is to provide the highest level of service and quality. We offer a 5-year labor warranty, which is very rare in our industry. Our New York clientele demand the highest quality craftsmanship and we don’t let them down.

Bathtub Trends for 2015

For those of you who are accustomed to having a bathtub in your home, I don’t have to go through the list of reasons why you might find life extremely difficult if you suddenly lost this particular luxury. For those of you that are used to using a standing shower to wash away the dirt of your days, let me take this opportunity to advocate that you consider renovating your bath to include a bathtub that can make all your troubles melt away like lemon drops!

We have compiled here a quick and easy guide to the latest bathtub trends 2015. So sit back, relax and as you read through the options available, imagine yourself already sunk deep within your future bathtub as the warm water soothes, massages and melts away the tension of your life in the big city.


1.  Freestanding – This is the bathtub you saw in movies as a kid, standing on little claw-foot legs in the bathroom of your favorite TV characters.  This type of tub occupies a space all its own, often as a centerpiece of the bathroom. Clawfoot tubs or tubs with bases fit into this category, as do several other stylized options such as copper soaking tubs. 

freestandingphoto courtesy of

2.  Drop-in – Supported on all sides by its rim, this tub might be inserted into a raised platform or installed below floor level. Often times these bathtubs are installed into or incorporated into an existing bathroom architecture, and often in elaborate or large baths.

dropin tubphoto courtesy of

3.  Corner – Corner bathtubs are designed to fit into the corner of the bathroom and usually aren’t very spacious because of their triangular shape. The only real advantage of a corner tub is its ability to save space in a small bathroom. 

cornertubphoto courtesy of

4.  Walk-In Bathtubs Walk-in bathtubs are the best option for those folks who might have mobility issues, or who might be concerned with slip and fall accidents when entering and exiting the tub.  Walk-in tubs are usually installed as stand-alone, no-frills tubs, or they can be equipped with features designed to allow for a semi-therapeutic home experience. Many walk-in tubs have built-in seats, nonslip floors, and handrails for added safety. Although today’s bathroom trends are drifting away from show-tub combinations, walk-in tubs are often equipped with hand-held shower heads.

walk-in-bathtubphoto courtesy of

5.  Whirlpool Bathtubs – Whirlpool or Jacuzzi tubs can be stand-alone fixtures or situated on the side of wall (alcove). This variety of tub is perfect for those folks who might be experiencing regular joint and muscle pain. Similar to freestanding tubs, whirlpools come in all different shapes and sizes.  If you can make this bathtub a reality in your home, this is by far the most luxurious option.

whirlpoolphoto courtesy of

6.  Alcove – The alcove bathtub is probably the most common tub style found in the United States and has only one finished side. It’s made to fit into a typical three-sided alcove that’s about 5 feet wide and 30-36 inches from front to back. Often, it’s part of a tub-shower combination. The alcove type of tub can also incorporate many of the features of the above mentioned tubs, but the cost will significantly increase with each added feature.

alcovephoto courtesy of


1.  Probably about 90% of tubs sold in the United States are made of a molded acrylic. Acrylic is resistant to chipping and cracking, and the non-staining, non-porous surface is one of the easiest to clean. Also, with acrylic tubs, the color options available are many allowing for a very easy transition into an already existing bathroom color scheme.

2.  A very popular, but expensive option for a bathtub is copper.  Copper tubs can be ideal if you’re looking for something to match Victorian or rustic décor.  Copper tubs, along with wooden tubs, were one of the first know materials used to make bathing tubs.  Something to consider with copper tubs is that copper scratches easily and the metal achieves a patina with age.  

3.  A very unique option for your bathtub is a wood or stone tub.  These tubs make a very bold statement, but at the same time are extremely expensive, difficult to clean and maintain, and tend to appear worn and ragged over some amount of time.  Also, a wood tub is generally prone to rotting and warping.

4.  Porcelain-coated, cast-iron tubs are extremely durable and do a great job at retaining the heat of the water you ad.  Cast-irons tubs are somewhat more expensive than acrylic options, but typically have an overall better look and feel as there is no bend or give in the walls as you enter and exit the tub.  Cast-iron tubs are also extremely heavy, which can make installation slightly more costly and difficult.Porcelain enamel coatings offer the widest variety of color options among bathtubs, but chipped finishes are difficult to repair.

5.  Enameled steel is generally made as a cheaper alternative to cast iron, allowing the look without the cost, these tubs chip more easily.

6.  Often acrylic tubs are reinforced with fiberglass, but gel-coated fiberglass is not as common as it was 15 years ago. It’s inexpensive, but it scratches easily and is impossible to repair if chipped.


There you have it, everything you need to know about bathtubs for today’s modern bathroom.  The options we have detailed here have been around for years and years, so it is possible to find even more specialized configurations of the options above that could suit your need beyond your wildest imaginations.

We here at MyHome hope that should you be considering a renovation in the near future, you will give us the opportunity to make your plans and dreams a reality. And be sure to stop by our fully stocked Manhattan Kitchen & Bath Showroom on 353 West 48 Street, New York NY 10036 for more ideas and to see the latest bathtub trends for 2015. Our design team can show you lots of options and help you put together your perfect bathroom retreat. 


Small Apartment Makeover

New York is known for it’s small apartments. Luckily, a lack of space doesn’t have to cramp your style. Our clients Natasha & Rob prove that it’s possible to live well in the tiniest of spaces – 350 square feet, to be exact. All it take is a little creativity.

Full of clever solutions, their teeny-tiny East Village apartment boasts a full size gourmet kitchen, a bathroom, bedroom, two closets, a washer/dryer, and a surprisingly spacious living room.

Small Kitchen Design

The kitchen is very important to their lifestyle, so we helped them create a modern, sleek space with lots of counter space and storage. Full sized, with a long row of glossy custom white cabinets, it has plenty of style and function: there’s even a dishwasher!

small nyc apartment kitchen

In the living room, a rustic wood fireplace defines the space,

The dichotomy of the sleek kitchen opposed to the painted brick wall with decorative fireplace almost makes the space feel like two separate rooms.

rustic wood fireplace small nyc apartment

The dark colors of the custom built-in bookcase help it visually recede, creating a feeling of more space and offering lots of storage.

blue custom built in bookcase

Utilizing every square inch, we tucked the bedroom in behind the bookshelf and built storage underneath, with closets opposite. In the bathroom, the custom vanity hides a surprise… a built in kitty litter box.

small nyc bathroom modern

The clients were thrilled with the transformation, and now love their teeny-tiny home.

The kitchen is all we could ask for, with tons of counter space, cabinets, and updated appliances, the bathroom is modern and streamlined, and the “bedroom” is a cozy, secluded getaway.

MyHome was there from start to finish, helping to strategically design the space, source the materials from our Manhattan kitchen and bath showroom, and do all the renovations to transform the micro apartment.

To see more photos and take a video tour, see this project featured on Apartment Therapy.


Looking for More Small NYC Apartment Ideas?

Checkout MyHome Design & Remodeling on, search our large portfolio of kitchen and bath remodels and renovations in NYC, or stop by our NYC kitchen and bath showroom, conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, New York City.

MyHome is Manhattan’s trusted kitchen and bathroom remodeler for a reason. With hundreds of projects and satisfied clients, we excel at making the remodeling process as seamless and stress-free as possible. And we offer FREE kitchen design to help turn your ideas into reality.

So give us a call at 877-973-1114 or visit our showroom at 353 West 48th Street, NYC. We’ll be happy to talk with you about creative ideas to transform even the smallest NYC apartment.

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